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2018 Is Over Now?: A Fic Roundup


Welcome to 2018: a 2017 fic review

Veronica Mars rocks

Time for fic roundup 2016!

Totally awesome!

(Belated) fic roundup 2014

Never a Saint (Buffy/Angel)
The Marks We Leave (Buffy/Angel, Angel&Faith)

Harry Potter
To Marvel and to Praise (Lily/James)

Veronica Mars
If Two of Them Are Dead (Weevil&Veronica)
Wingspan (Logan/Veronica)
We Do Not Flinch (Logan/Veronica, Veronica&Mac)
Inhale, Exhale (Logan&Lynn Echolls)
The Inner Moonlight (Logan/Veronica)
The Holy Dark (Logan/Veronica)
Cushion My Fall with Cotton Wool (Sweetheart) (Logan/Veronica)
Miles Away (from the places we used to be) (Logan/Veronica)
It's Not Hard to See the Heart in It (Veronica&Wallace, Logan/Veronica)
One is Silver (Logan/Veronica)
An Intro to Logan's Life in Five Screwy Steps (Logan/Veronica, Duncan/Veronica)
Pillars to Support a Crumbling Sky (Logan/Veronica, Keith&Veronica)
The Uniform Code (Logan/Veronica)
The Evening Shadows and the Stars (Logan/Veronica)
Same Old Story (but it's told a different way) (Logan/Veronica)
Shifts in Light (Logan/Lilly, minor Duncan/Veronica, implied Logan/Veronica)
Come As You Aren't, Come As You Are (Logan/Veronica)
The Quiet Sense of Something Found (Logan/Veronica)
Multiverse Theory (Wallace&Veronica, Logan/Veronica)
A Sudden Onset of Spirit (Veronica&Wallace, Veronica&Lilly)
Adrift, Ashore (Logan&OFC)
The Aching Land (Wallace/Jade)
The Ninety-Nine Percent (Logan/Veronica, Logan/OFC)
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Site Plug

Scribes and scribesds's other sites have been amazing resources for me as a reader and writer, but I couldn't say this better than perpetual!

(Also I kind of want brownie points in the form of hints about her WIP.)

Originally posted by perpetual at Site Plug
This is a shout-out to all my fic-reading followers and friends: while we're contemplating the lull in Buffyverse fandom, don't forget to appreciate what we do have. Scribes of Angel is the best active site for Angel fanfiction that you'll find, and scribesds also keeps her other pages current and tidy - they're all easily accessible from the Scribes link or Dark Star's Portal. Go take a look, find something cool, talk about it. Most writers like feedback on their old stories as much as their new ones.

I got a giggle just now when I opened up the listing of my own stories on Scribes and found a trail of blue frowny faces....guess we know what my favorite genre is! Here's hoping I'll add another kind this year. I'm working on a story now, but not an Angel one. You'd never guess the two characters I have conversing. I've certainly never seen it in another fic.

There, now I've got you curious. :) Go sate yourself with something from Scribes!
Veronica Mars rocks

Fic reflections

I switched my links to AO3 this year (except for Trust Falls, which links you to its IWRY page) in protest of the annoying ff.net update that stops you from being able to highlight text. I know. A worthy protest.

Trust Falls (Buffy/Angel)

Codetalkers (Hodgins/Angela, Bones/Booth, slight Cam/Arastoo and Finn/Michelle)

Veronica Mars
What You Know, And What You Don't (Logan/Veronica)

In Plain Sight
Driving Toward the Sun (Mary&Marshall, implied Mary/Marshall)
Without Argument or Doubt (Mary&Marshall, Marshall/Abigail, Mary/Marshall)

West Wing
Giving in to Ainsley (Josh&Sam friendship, Sam/Ainsley, side Josh/Donna)

Pitch Perfect
The World is Moving (to the Song I Hear) (Beca/Jesse)

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Well, it's that time again!

Hey cool cats. I know I haven't been around much lately (personal post hopefully to come soon) but just popping in to say that it's my IWRY day. The iwry_marathon is a month long Buffy/Angel ficathon that's one of my favorite parts of the year. It's really making November fly by for me. I realized this morning that this is my fifth year participating (I started when I was a senior in high school; I'm a junior in college now) so I hope that some of you will enjoy my new offering, Trust Falls.

Anyway, happy weekend, friends.