Shift in the status quo!

When I started LJing, I never expected that I would ever have enough friends to want to stop people from reading my random stuff and possibly commenting. Weirdly enough, that day has indeed arrived. So from now on, my random posts about my life will be locked. However, because I still crave reviews more than air, any fandom/fanfic stuff will be left unlocked so the general public can see it.

Comment to be added as a friend and get welcomed into the madness.

P.S. Thanks to turquoisetumult for the awesome fandom semi friends only banner.
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I lurve the pretty banner :)

I'm presuming all current friends will stay that way? I NEED TO BE YOUR FRIEND, GURL :D

Semi-FO is the way to go... and apparently I rhyme...

...all the time!
Course, chickie! I would NEVER ditch my awesome friends!

And speaking of awesome: the banner is pretty only because you willed it to be so.:-D :-)

JK, it's actually awesome-possums!!
If you think you can stand a Spuffy fan (who does like Angel quite a bit!), me and my exclamation points will stick around. Okay with you?
Hi, I'm adding you off the bones friending meme!
OMG and your layout. DBORZ LOVE!
Yay!! Friending back!

Oh, the layout. One of life's great joys. Now I can drool over DBorz and his arms of gorgeousness all the time!
I just read your fic for the IWRY marathon and your name was very familiar. Have you posted on the BA threads on Fanforum before?

I posted there for a bit, but I haven't in a long time. Maybe you know me from there? Oh! I think you might have commented on one of my fics over the summer. I'd say something weird and secretarial like "I'll check my records" but I'm trying to make a good impression here.
I know that this is months later but is it okay if I friend you? I'm not slow, I just get distracted easily and my memory fades with old age.

Yes, 24 is considered old age.
1. I really liked your Fred drabble.

2. We see to have a lot in common, including being proud Canadian-Americans, although I don't have dual citizenship (except in my heart, or something corny like that).

So I have added you! I hope that's okay.
I'm a new friend so i don't mind either way, whatever your happy with. On a related note how do you make certains posts for certain people? LOL
Would love to be on your friends list - and have you on mine. :)

Plus, I hear you are offering beta services which I asked scribes about recently. I've got some stories for IWRY that I'm debating whether to use and would appreciate a little help sorting them out.

If you're still interested, please let me know. Thanks!